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NQE656 Advanced Nuclear Systems and Materials





Course Introduction : 


In this course, the materials and environments of the generation-IV reactors and fusion reactors, and the key material issues under active research. The properties and strengthening mechanisms of ferritic martensitic steels and nickel-base superalloys are explained in view of those high temperature nuclear environments. The materials degradation in various environments such as, liquid-metal, super-critical water, super-critical CO2, high temperature helium, and so on, are described. Finally, the impact of the surface damage to high temperature properties are discussed. To encourage the participation of students, students seminar on selected topics are included as well as lecture.



Lecture schedule :

1week: Materials properties - Defects and Diffusion
2week: Materials in Advanced Nuclear Systems - Gen-IV Reactors
3-4week: FMS - Microstructure and Development
5week: Seminar on Selected Topics - SFR Materials
6-7week: Ni-base Alloys 
8 week: Mid-Term
9week: Ni-base Alloys
10week: Materials - Environments Interaction in Nuclear Systems
11week: Seminar on Selected Topics - VHTR Materials
12week: Materials in Advanced Nuclear Systems - Fusion Reactors
13week: Oxide Dispersion Alloys
14week: Heat Resistant Materials
15week: Plasma Facing Materials 
16week: Final Exam



 - Main textbook : None
 - Auxiliary textbook :

  Comprehensive Nuclear Materials, 2011.
  R.C. Reed, The Superalloys: Fundamental and Application, Cambridge University Press, 2006
  N. Birks, G.H. Meier, and F.S. Pettit, Intro. to High Temperature Oxidation of Metals, 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press, 2006.
  R.W. Hertzberg, Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of   Engineering Materials, 4th ed. John Wiley and Sons, 1996.

  ​Technical Reports & Research Papers 


* The followings evaluation criteria may change:  

A. Attendance: 20% B. Midterm exam: 30 % C. Final exam: 30 % D.Quiz: %  E. Report: % F. Assignments: 20 % G. Project: % H.Presentation: %개인정보 처리방침에 대한 내용을 입력하십시오.



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