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< 2014 >


  • Jin Young Choi, Young Soo Kim, Hee Cheon No*, Injin Sah, Changheui Jang, “Corrosion resistance of alloys in high temperature hydrogen iodide gas environment for SI cycle,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IF = 2.930), Vol. 39, no.27, pp.14557-14564, Sept. 2014.
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< 2013 >


  • Changheui Jang*, Hun Jang, Jong-Dae Hong, Pyung-Yeon Cho, Hyunchul Cho, Tae Soon Kim, Jae-Gon Lee, “Environmental Fatigue of Metallic Materials in Nuclear Power Plants – A Review of Korean Test Programs,” NET (SCIE, IF = 0.758), Vol. 45, no. 7, pp.929-940, Dec. 2013.
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< 2012 >


  • J.-D. Hong, C. Jang, T.S. Kim, “PFM Application for the PWSCC Intergrity of Ni-base Alloy Welds – Development and Application of PINEP-PWSCC”, Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Vol. 44(8) (2012) 961-971.
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